How to Finance Your Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires planning, careful management, creativity, motivation, and commitment. The personal, academic and professional rewards will last a lifetime.

Financial Aid

You may be eligible to apply Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) funds towards your study abroad experience. For additional details please contact the Financial Aid office Financial Aid Overview

Apply for Scholarships

NWTC offers many academic scholarship opportunities. You can find detailed information about these scholarships at Foundation Scholarships

The International Programs Department encourages current NWTC students to apply for the International Programs Study Abroad Grant. Awarded students can anticipate between $200-$500 taken off their study abroad program costs. The grant is competitive and financial need and merit are taken into consideration. The grant application is due the same date as the study abroad application deadline.
Study Abroad Grant Application

National study abroad funding opportunities:

Ideas for Creative Fundraising

  • Use electronic resources like Kickstarter and GoFundMe
  •  Fundraising option at Lambeau Field by operating concessions during Packers games.
  • Waive holiday and birthday gifts and request financial gifts or loans instead.
  • Write a creative letter to all your relatives, asking for financial support in exchange for regular letters, postcards, emails or blogs while abroad and a presentation and dinner upon return.
  • Ask friends to join you in raising money by painting, cleaning or washing cars.
  • Organize an event where you and/or some friends solicit donations by providing instruction for a couple of hours (cooking, quilting, yoga, karate, computer skills, dancing, sign language, etc.).
  • Ask your church, synagogue or temple to sponsor a special offering, dinner, or raffle.
  • Find out if your parents' employers have a scholarship program for their children.
  • Find out if your employer will sponsor you or might be willing to make a cash advance to be paid back through payroll deduction.

Some of the information on this page was adapted from Michigan State University's Office of Study Abroad. To check out their entire list of funding suggestions please visit their page:

For more information on study abroad opportunities please contact:

Lacy Frewerd, International Programs Assistant
Phone: 920-498-5451