The MEDIA Club

"Making Everything Digital Into Art"

We are not limited by technology, we are only limited by ourselves.


The purpose of the MEDIA Club is to give students the opportunity to be creative using their talents through digital media. Using digital media, students will collaborate together while getting hands-on experience. Using many types of media, the MEDIA Club will benefit the Students of NWTC and the surrounding Fox Cities Communities.

Digital Media includes:
  • Video Photography
  • Audio
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Web Design


Meetings are held in Room BI327 on the the FIRST Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm as well as the THIRD Friday of each month at 3:30pm. Dates listed below:


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MEDIA Club 2011-2012 Officer Nominations

Elections for 2011-2012 MEDIA Club Officers will occur during the May 3rd, 2011 MEDIA Club Meeting. You MUST be PRESENT to cast your vote - no exceptions. Listed in the Club Constitution the responsibilities for each officer position. Committee Heads will also be elected for the 2011-2012 year, however, this will not occur until the new academic year begins, in Fall 2011.

Are YOU interested (or know someone who would be a great fit)?!

If you are interested in becoming an officer or nominating someone else, please email by FRIDAY, APRIL 29th, 2011 @ MIDNIGHT CST (or reply to this email) and include the nominee name and requested position. Please include "MEDIA Club 2011-2012 Officer Nominations" in your subject line.

YOU MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER TO SUBMIT OR ACCEPT AN OFFICIAL NOMINATION. HOWEVER - You MAY join as an official member by contacting a current Club Officer; simply provide some basic information and pay the $5 dues for the remainder of the semester. Dues must be paid before the nomination becomes official. [Member information needed: student ID#, contact phone and email, and whether or not you are a member in any other NWTC club]

If you nominate someone other than yourself for a position, we will contact them to accept the nomination (and become a member, if not already one). Please contact us if you have any further questions!


The MEDIA Club is always working on developing fun events for the students and staff of NWTC. Please stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime, here are events that have already been planned:


Please contact us at

Devone Doss, President
Paul Gilsoul, Vice President
Amy Johnson, Secretary
Caroline Robinson, Treasurer
Chris Kuborn & Jessica Norwood, Advisors

The club is open to students from all disciplines.