Ways of Learning

Take a course or earn your degree without putting your life on hold. NWTC programs and classes are offered in a variety of ways to make learning convenient for you.

To view available classes, go to the Find a Class page and narrow your search by delivery method and schedule.  

How do you want to learn?


Your instructor and fellow students are with you, face-to-face, in the classroom and/or lab. Classes are held on specific dates/times.


Learn anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet. Instructors are just a click away. View device and browser requirements »​

Video Conference

Come to a campus for class on specific dates/times. You’ll engage with your instructor virtually through video conference technology, connecting room to room.


Learn anywhere you have access to the internet. Virtually meet at specific dates/times, connecting people to people. View devce and browser requirements »


Any combination of in-person, online, video conference, web conference and LinC delivery methods.

Learning in Community (LinC)

Study and work in a group of no more than 24 students. Together, the group will take two or more classes which will be linked in multiple ways.

Where do you want to learn?


In addition to classrooms and learning labs specifically designed for your academic program, NWTC offers many more ways to gain knowledge and experience in your chosen career field.

Experiential Learning
Mobile Labs
On-Campus Labs

What kind of class works best for you?

Full Semester Class

Attend class as scheduled the entire length of the semester or longer.

Accelerated Class

Earn the same number of credits as in a traditional class but in less class time. You’ll experience more independent projects, fewer class meetings.

Self-Paced Class

Student driven completion with available instructor support to be completed within class dates.

Weekend Class

Classes are held Friday after 4pm, and/or Saturday, and/or Sunday.


Step up your skills and knowledge with short, non-credit seminars offered through NWTC’s Corporate Training and Educational Development department.