Library Resources for K12 Educators

‚ÄčAll high school instructors teaching NWTC course material through transcribed credit courses can access our Library resources such as Films on Demand, ebrary ebooks, online articles, and more.   Use this Library guide to get started.  You can also share resources with your students and lead them to customized subject guides to help them search for materials on their own.  
Please feel free to review these resources on your own with the use of your NWTC ID and password.  For Login issues, please contact NWTC Helpdesk at (920) 498-6900 or (866) 235-5037.

If you have any questions about these resources, please contact our Manager of Product Research and Library Services:
Kim LaPlante
(920) 498-5487
View the links below to see what your colleagues are finding useful as they instruct similar subject areas.  Feel free to add them to your own classes by using the Title or Segment URLs at the bottom of the website or by using the code provided on the Embed tab under each video (insert in Blackboard using the HTML button when you create an item).
If you have questions about using Films on Demand, please see our faculty guide.  

NWTC Library Resources...for your transcribed credit courses>>


Each subject listed provides a link to a list of videos from NWTC’s Films on Demand collection.

Architecture & Construction - Click to access all of the Building videos.
Business - Click to access all of the Business videos.
Communication Skills/English Faculty - Click to access all of the Communication Skills/English videos.
Education - click to access all of the Education videos.
Environmental Science - click to access all of the Environmental Science videos.
Health - click to access all of the Health videos or the Nursing videos.
Mathematics - click to access all of the Math videos.
Psychology - click to access all of the Psychology videos.
Public Safety - click to access all of the Criminal Justice videos or Counseling videos.
Science - click to access all of the Biology videos or Physical Science videos.
Sociology - click to access all of the Sociology videos.
Trades & Engineering - click to access all of the Technical videos or the Engineering videos.