Manufacturing Programs

You’re a problem solver with a love for all things high-tech and hands-on. There’s a place for people like you in the advanced manufacturing world. We’ll help you get there.

  • Get the salary you deserve. Our 2015 grads from four Manufacturing programs reported earning a median starting salary between $38,019 and $48,000. See more high-pay programs.

  • Be choosy in your career search. Grads will skills have options. For example, there were 65 jobs available for every NWTC 2015 Electro-Mechanical Technology grad and 60 jobs available for every Supply Chain Management grad. Learn more about grad success.

  • Go on to earn your bachelor’s degree. Did you know you can save $1,000s in tuition by starting your four-year degree at NWTC? Credits in many of our Manufacturing programs transfer seamlessly to four-year colleges or universities. See where your NWTC credits will take you.

Student Stories