What We Teach

Each class focuses on several skills at the same time. Students are immersed in an all-English environment while learning these important skills.

  • Vocabulary - Learn vocabulary through picture dictionaries, board and computer games, reading, and by speaking and listening to other people.
  • Grammar - Learn grammar by speaking, exercises, games and dictation.
  • Speaking - Students improve their speaking skills by recording themselves on video and tape, and by practicing dialogs and conversation.
  • Listening - Improve listening skills by listening to people with other accents, using computer listening exercises, and by listening to others in class.
  • Pronunciation - Students improve their pronunciation by taping themselves and practicing difficult sounds through practicing exercises and playing pronunciation games.
  • Cultural skills - Learn American attitudes and expectations in family life, public life, and individual habits.
  • Work skills - Learn important work behaviors in addition to work-related vocabulary and important communication skills in English.
  • Writing - Begin writing at the word and sentence level, and continue improving skills by writing paragraphs and short essays.
  • Computer skills - Practice English skills by using a computer. Computer skills include using CDs and floppy disks; using a keyboard and mouse; starting and shutting down a computer; and entering and exiting ELL software programs. The Internet is also available to interested students.
  • Civics - In this special course, students learn American civics and culture through the following topics:
    • Transportation
    • Health care
    • Education
    • Diversity
    • Banking & finance
    • U.S. government
    • U.S. & Wisconsin history
    • Housing
    • Environment
    • Library,
    • Jobs & work culture


For More Information

Contact us: 920-498-5421 or 1-800-422-NWTC, Ext. 5421