English Language Learners are categorized into the following student levels:

Level 1 – Beginning learner: Has little or no ability to understand, speak, read or write English and is unable to function independently using the language.

At this level, the student learns:

  • Simple phrases.
  • Immediate survival functions.
  • Beginning question initiative and response.
  • Basic oral and written vocabulary.

Level 2 – High beginner learner: Functions in a limited capacity to satisfy immediate needs.

At this level, the student learns:

  • Basic oral communication.
  • Simple phrases in survival situations.
  • Simple question initiation and response.
  • Basic grammar.
  • Oral and written vocabulary.

Level 3 – Intermediate learner: Satisfies survival needs/minimum courtesy requirements.

At this level, the student:

  • Understands questions/answers.
  • Holds face-to-face conversations.
  • Can read for information, identifying supporting details.
  • Write short paragraphs/letters using simple grammatical structures.

Level 4 – High intermediate learner: Is able to function in a controlled English language environment.

At this level, the student:

  • Learns simple oral and written instructions.
  • Learns telephone use and face-to-face communication in survival situations, as well as with unfamiliar subjects.
  • Masters question reply and initiation, basic conversations, phrase and short sentence construction,  and work-specific English for employment.

Level 5 – Low advanced learner: Communicates well in an English language environment.

At this level, the student can:

  • Easily satisfy survival needs and routine work and social demands.
  • Handle work by following oral or written directions.
  • Understand conversations on everyday subjects at normal speed.
  • Understand routine, work-related conversations, increasing ability to comprehend without face-to-face contact.
  • Function independently in survival, social, and work situations.
  • Expand basic ideas orally and in writing.
  • Clarify general meaning.
  • Perform routine writing tasks to meet basic employment/social needs.

Level 6 – High advanced learner: Communicates fluently at work and satisfies the social and academic demands of conversation with some sensitivity to both formal and informal language use.

At this level, the student:

  • Participates fluently and effectively in both social and employment situations.
  • Comprehends technical conversations in his or her own field.
  • Understands most conversations between native speakers.
  • Speaks without effort.
  • Maintains control of grammar.
  • Reads and understands non-simplified materials.
  • Performs written tasks with reasonable accuracy to meet social/employment needs.

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