Conference Center Rooms

Corporate Conference Center Atrium

​The atrium is located outside of the 4 Plex. This space is primarily used for networking, breakout sessions and catered meals.

Corporate Training 4 Plex

​The 4 Plex is an ideal space for larger meetings, conferences and seminars. For larger events, the glass wall separating the 4 Plex and the Atrium can be removed.

Capacity: 150 people

Technology: Two 80-inch smart boards, four large screens, computer

Corporate Training 2 Plex

​The 2 Plex is ideal for meetings, staff training and classes of up to 90 people.

Capacity: 90 people

Technology: Two 80-inch smart boards, four large screens, computer​

Interactive Training Room

The Interactive Training Room is a great space for a discussion/teaching format that requires small team discussions and group interaction.

Capacity: 20 people

Technology: One central computer and smart board with 4 large screens for a multifunctional area.

Corporate Training Board Room

The Corporate Training Board Room is a standard conference room with one table.

Capacity: 10 people

Technology: Computer, smart board, and video conferencing capabilities​