Information for Future Students with Families

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Information for Students with Families:

Some international students may wish to bring their spouse or children to the United States while they are studying. This section provides information on schooling for children, opportunities for spouses, and details on the F-2 visa process for family members of F-1 students.

Dependents of F-1 Students:

Spouse/children of F-1 students can stay in the U.S. as F-2 dependents. The F-1 student will need to request F-2 I-20's for each of their dependents that plan on coming to the U.S. from NWTC's International Programs Department in order to make a visa appointment for them.

Basic F-2 rules are as follows:
  • F-2 dependents remain in status only as long as the F-1 from whom status is derived remains in valid F-1 status and only until attaining age 21 if a dependent child
  • Duration of stay is not date specific and is conditional as noted above
  • Study beyond secondary level is permitted on a full-time basis, as long as it is avocational or recreational in nature (such as English classes), but only on a part-time basis for degree or non-degree courses
  • If full-time study is desired, must change to F-1 status prior to beginning coursework
  • Employment is not allowed
  • Other members of your family (father, mother, brothers, sisters, etc.) may be able to visit you (usually on B-2 visitor status).

Travel Outside the United States:
  1. Documents: Have the following valid documents in your possession in order to travel outside the U.S. and successfully return in F-2 status: Passport, F-2 visa, Form I-94, Form I-20 with travel signature from NWTC DSO (obtain in International Programs Office, SC118)
  2. Returning to United States But to a Different School: Obtain an initial Form I-20 from the new school before departing, or be able to receive I-20 to your address overseas before returning to U.S.

Further Information: Keep all copies of Form I-20s issued. You will need them when you apply for a USCIS benefit.

Schools for Children

The city of Green Bay and surrounding Northeast Wisconsin communities offer many options for elementary, middle and high school education, both public and private.

Generally speaking, public schools are free to all children between the ages of 5 and 18, though parents may be required to pay a modest book and activity fee. Breakfast and lunch are served at school for an additional cost or you may qualify for financial assistance. Depending on where you live, your child may also take advantage of transportation provided by the school district to and from school and school-related activities. English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is usually available, although your children may be assigned to a particular school in order to participate.

For more Information about the public schools in the area, please see the following websites:

Green Bay Area Public School District

You may also choose to send your child to one of the many private schools in the community. There may be further requirements for enrollment and a significant increase in tuition and fees, though you may qualify for financial assistance based on economic need or academic merit. 

Public School Enrollment for Children

For first-time students, parents must furnish an official copy of the birth certificate and a record of immunizations (see the following note).

Children attending any Green Bay schools must meet immunization requirements. Details on immunization requirements can be found on the School District’s website.

If further immunizations or boosters are required, you may want to contact the Green Bay School District to find programs and locations that provide immunization services.  

Child Care Options

There are many options for child care and schooling in the United States. There are daycare centers, nursery schools, pre-schools, family/home daycares, nannies/au pairs, babysitters, and/or summer camps. If you are unfamiliar with these, we suggest that you investigate a variety of options so that you can find the one that you and your family are most comfortable with.

NWTC does not offer on-campus child care. Our sister school, Fox Valley Technical College however, does offer on-campus child care for students. To learn more about their school and program, visit the FVTC Parent Child website

Local Activities for Children and Families

The Brown County Library has children’s sections, story times, and other activities for kids of all ages. You can get a library card with your ID for borrowing books, videos and music. 

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Zoo are both scenic places for children and families to see animals and wildlife. 

There are many walking trails around Green Bay, including the Fox River Trail along the Fox River in downtown Green Bay and De Pere. 

The Greater Green Bay YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay, and the Salvation Army of Green Bay are all organizations which provide programming and space for children and youth to experience fun and safe activities after school and during summer vacations. Parents are encouraged to check out these organizations and their services should they want to involve their children in after school and recreational activities. 

The Green Bay Farmers Markets provide an opportunity for families to purchase vegetables, crafts, and other goods from area farmers and merchants. These events are also supplemented with music and other family activities. Farmers markets occur on various days at various locations from late-Spring through the Summer and into early-Autumn.

The Green Bay Children’s Museum recently opened its newest facility in downtown Green Bay, on Washington Street, along the Fox River. The museum offers special programs throughout the week, as well as programming for toddlers. Older children may be interested in the Green Bay Neville Museum, located across the river.  

The Resch Center, and the Weidner Center for Performing Arts bring in nationally recognized and acclaimed performances for people of all ages. Special programs for children occur throughout the year. 

The Green Bay Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry maintains public parks, pools, and water parks throughout the Green Bay area. Special programs for children and youth, including youth sports are managed throughout the year. In the summer, there are numerous “Music in the Park” and other initiatives available to all. The department also manages the Bay Beach Amusement Park which gives families a wide variety of fun rides, games, and activities at extremely affordable prices. 

The warm weather months also bring in a variety of fairs, festivals, and other public events that offer entertainment for children, youth, and families or even adults on their own. 

Programs for Spouses & Partners

If your partner accompanies you to NWTC, he or she may find that getting involved in community events and activities makes the transition to life in Green Bay more enjoyable.  Here are some suggested activities:

Sign up for ESL classes, or enroll in a course through the NWTC Artisan Center (F-2 visa holders may take classes as long as they are for recreation and not in pursuit of a degree or certificate).

Take advantage of the many athletics programs and facilities in the Green Bay community.

Check out the activities happening at local community centers or with service and volunteer groups. F-2 spouses and partners are strongly encouraged to volunteer on or off-campus.

Participate in NWTC events.