Request Your Book Voucher

To request a book voucher for the coming term, the following must be true:

  1. Financial aid has been awarded for the school year of coming term.
  2. You are registered for classes in the coming term.
  3. You have no overdue balance on your account. (You can check your account in my.NWTC.)

 Instructions for requesting a book voucher 

HOW TO: Apply for a Book Voucher - Click here for step by step instructions!

  1. Sign into my.NWTC
  2. Go to the Student Center Tab
  3. Click on the Finances heading
  4. Click on the Apply for a Book Voucher link under Financial Aid heading
    Review the student statement - You must click on the “I agree” radio button to continue
  5. Enter your e-mail address
  6. Enter the term you are requesting the voucher for (View semester codes)
  7. Click on Apply for Book Voucher
When done, print the information page for your records.
Requests can only be submitted on-line. Requests are processed in 48 hours or less. Please note: after financial aid disbursement has begun, refund processing may cause a delay or denial of your request. Your eligibility will be determined automatically.

New term, new request

Book vouchers are granted on a term-by-term basis. You must request a separate book voucher for each term. It is best to request a voucher before the term starts. You may only have one book voucher approved at a time. You may request another book voucher 1 day after using a prior voucher in the bookstore.

Call (920) 498-6816 or 1-888-385-6982, ext. 6816