Although you recognize that your students are adults who can take care of themselves, you want to help your students be succssful. But with the demands on your time, it can be hard toFaculty Starfish Resources be proactive about helping students overcome challenges.

Your observations and perspectives are a critical piece of the puzzle for the student's success.

What can Starfish do for me?

  • Route your concerns to the right staff member at the right time to makean instant impact
  • Send motivational messages of support to students who are participating,Starfish mascot watches a student at a computer improving, or showing good effort
  • Communicate with students either individually or in groups based on parameters you establish
  • Record attendance and grades
  • Create tracking that you're already doing into actionable triggers for warnings, referrals, or "See Me"
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NWTC "LEADER COLLEGE" is committed to improve student success, close achievement gaps, and increase retention, persistence, and completion rate.