Officers and Committees


President:  Char Rowe, 920.743.5771

Vice President: John J. Beck, 920.493.6828

Secretary:  Suzanne Holvenstot, 920.743.1089

Treasurer:  Mike Egan, 920.743.7812

Members at Large:
  • Renée Bauernfeind, 920.743.9799
  • George Roenning, 920.743.6732 and
  • Dennis Skahen, 920.743.3496

NWTC Liaison: Cheryl Tieman, 920.746.4904

Steering Committee

Financial Chair: Mike Egan, 920.743.7812
Curriculum Co-Chairs:
     Bonnie Connolly, 920.746.9199 and
     Linda LeClair, 920.901.4710
Social Committee
     Judy Jaeschke, 920.365.2204 and
     Judy LaMacchia, 920.868.9030

Past President: John J. Beck, 920.493.6828
Administrative Assistants: 
     Renée Bauernfeind and
     Monica Nelson, 920.746.4947

Board of Directors meeting dates and times can be obtained by calling the DCLIR office, (920) 746-4947. All members of DCLIR are invited to attend the Board of Directors meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

THURSDAYS AT 8:30 A.M.: 2016 - November 17, December 15; 2017 - January 19, February 16, March 23, April 20, May 18 and June 15.

Meeting Minutes

NWTC Contacts

Cheryl Tieman, NWTC Liaison, (920) 746-4904

Renée Bauernfeind and Monica Nelson, DCLIR Office Assistants,
(920) 746-4947

LIR Volunteer Opportunities

This program is operated solely on volunteer energy. Please be a part of it so that the program can continue. Following are some opportunities:

  • Curriculum Committee – Committee members act as liaison between the LIR Office and presenters to create each semester's classes.  The planning and execution of the entire LIR program is as enriching as the actual course offerings.
    • As a Contacter:  research,  contact and set up classes and presenters.  
    • As a Coordinator, assist the LIR Office and presenters to prepare course handouts, set up classroom, take attendance and handle course feedback. 
  • Finance Committee – Oversees the financial matters of the organization.
  • Social Committee –  Plans and oversees social events for LIR members.

For more information, call (920) 746-4947, or email:​​