Welcome from the President

Dr. Jeff RafnSome colleges behave as though they don't want you around. Huge lecture classes taught by graduate students ensure that the faculty will never know who you are. Rigid entrance requirements mean that they may never see you in the first place. Inflexible course schedules often don't allow you to have a meaningful job or family life while you study.

This is not that kind of place.

NWTC will prepare you for the high-skill, high-pay jobs of tomorrow through cutting-edge technology, flexible class schedules, innovative computerized classrooms, work site learning, and an array of support services designed to help you overcome any obstacle in your path.

The staff and faculty at NWTC believe that we are only successful when you are successful. If you need help preparing for a class or keeping up with a subject, we're here for you. If you need financial assistance because of an unexpected family hardship, we can help. If you need information about the local or national job market, we have it. NWTC students have been able to tailor their degree programs to fit their job needs, change the meeting schedule of their courses, take advantage of distance learning or video classes, and more, because we are committed to making NWTC work for our students.

We also believe that training for work is not a one-time event, but a lifetime process. We want to meet and exceed your expectations so that you will come back again and again. Your career will involve repeated demands for more education. So if we do our job right, we should see you many times over the course of your life. We look forward to that.

Our purpose is to help you get the educational experiences you need to enjoy a higher quality of life. It is our vision to provide the highest quality courses you want, when you want them, where you want them, and how you want them. So as you check out our degree and diploma offerings (which are only part of the College's many services) please let us know how we can make them meet your needs.

Thank you for checking out NWTC. We would love to have you here.

H. Jeffrey Rafn, Ph.D.